Sage institute for Mental Health

Established in 2018, the Sage Institute for Mental Health offers residential treatment programs for young adults suffering from addiction and mental health disorders.

Our data-driven center uses the latest cutting-edge techniques to provide patients a personalized and effective plan for recovery.

From The Director

Our Mission

Current mental health treatment, talk therapy, and rehab programs don’t use the latest data and tech available that’s necessary to move treatment into the future.  So we decided to partner with experts who have a similar willingness and passion to help find a solution for this under-served population.

Our mission is to provide best-in-class behavioral and addiction treatment for adolescents and young adults through data-driven techniques. Though pieces of their programs work, these rehabs have used the same techniques for decades and often fall behind on new methods supported by psychotherapy research.

We look to build on, and extend their model, to provide a residential treatment program that remains at the forefront of the research, and results in long-term improvements that keep people on a healthy path.

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Though this may make me unpopular, 12-step only addresses the addiction piece, but not other underlying issues and co-morbid disorders. We’re here to change that with our data-driven, scientific, and tech-based approach.

-Ed Sage, President and Founder, Sage Institute for Mental Health

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